Charlotte Britto

Charlotte Britto is a globally-experienced learning professional with more than 15 years of focus on leadership development and support at all levels. Charlotte’s extensive and practical business experience includes the direction of a global learning function as well as internal and external consulting and facilitation roles. Her responsibilities have included the design and development of a corporate university, a strategy-based competency model with supportive tools and training, a global performance management system, and varied management and leadership development training initiatives and tools.

Charlotte’s sessions support both individual and overarching business needs and goals; for when the two are fully aligned, momentum and results are inevitable. Her energetic and inclusive facilitation style reflect her belief that when people work together in ways that promote meaning, creativity, learning, and progress, individuals and organizations can be transformed.

Charlotte is recognized for her ability to relate to all levels of employees, maximizing participants’ effective transfer of learning. Grounded in adult learning models, she engages the learner experientially, focusing not only on behavior, but also on underlying thought and belief systems upon which behavior is based.

Charlotte has her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Baldwin Wallace College.

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