David Workman

David Workman has extensive consulting experience in competency-based approaches to individual, team and organizational development. His expertise includes leadership and organizational development, succession planning, performance management, researched-based selection, creating high performance teams and executive coaching.

As a specialist in executive and organizational development, David has provided consulting services to a variety of international, private and public organizations throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

David held senior leadership roles at Walt Disney World, and has had assignments as the senior vice president for human resources at Piedmont Airlines, Inter-Continental Hotel Corporation, and Marriott In-Flight Services.

David is a frequent guest lecturer and speaker on leadership development and the changing role of leaders. He is an advisor to the State Service Commission of New Zealand and The Office of the Public Commissioner of Queensland, Australia.

David attended the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), the University of Southern California (USC) and The New York School of Industrial and Labor Relations (Cornell).

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