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For nearly three decades, CLD has worked with leaders and companies around the globe. Through good economic times and bad, we’ve seen what differentiates good companies from world class firms. We know that the key to success lies not only in having a great strategy, but in having extraordinary leaders and talented employees who are aligned to create exceptional value for your customers.

At CLD, we collaborate with senior leaders to build leadership capabilities that drive organizational performance. Whether working with a CEO, the senior team, operating managers or the entire organization, we create powerful learning experiences that change the way people think and act as leaders.

Helping Executives Leverage the Full Potential of Their People

Developing effective leaders is crucial for the future of any organization. Today’s “executives” need to effectively and honestly navigate their organizations. This is true for both business and public entities. Yet, the facts tell a different story:

  • It’s estimated that fewer than 50% of major re-engineering projects at Fortune 1000 companies have succeeded
  • Mergers and acquisitions are more likely to fail than succeed — some estimate failure rates as high as 80% — and the primary reason is not financial: it’s people.
  • Fewer than 30% of all companies are believed to successfully implement their strategic plans.

At the core of these statistics is the absence of compelling leadership. At CLD, we assist in developing leaders who make a difference. Through CLD’s unique program called Know Thyself, we help executives understand themselves and leverage the full potential of the people around them.

They learn that success is a blend of people and numbers, despite Wall Street’s obsession with next quarter’s results. Leaders know that performance comes from people. People want leaders who can articulate a vision of a compelling future, are willing to lead the way, but are just as willing to let the people make their unique contributions. Leaders know how to engage people, challenge and inspire them, always helping them to achieve more than even they thought was possible.

Leadership Development Services

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