Dr. Michael Hargrove

Dr. Michael Hargrove

Dr. Michael Hargrove is passionate about helping leaders increase their operational effectiveness and strategic focus. He knows that effective thinking is a critical success factor of effective leadership. Using his keen insight and analytical perspective, Mike teaches leaders how to think differently, see opportunities that others miss, and act decisively to create exceptional value for the firm.

Mike understands how large scale, complex organizations work. He knows from experience the planning and execution required to succeed. Prior to joining CLD more than 20 years ago, Mike worked as a United States military hospital leader in Europe, a consultant to the Ministry of Planning in Saudi Arabia, an advisor with the Bechtel Corporation and at Boston University. During a four year interval in his time with CLD, he joined a client organization and served as its Chief Operating Officer. His leadership created dramatic international growth, while improving the profitability of the firm.

Dr. Hargrove enjoys working with leadership teams and emerging leaders both within organizations and in academia.He has taught at Harvard, Southern Methodist University and Loyola College.

Dr. Hargrove received his doctoral degree in Organizational Behavior and Development from Harvard University.

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