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At CLD, we collaborate with senior leaders to build leadership capabilities that drive organizational performance. Whether working with a CEO, the senior team, operating managers or the entire organization, we create powerful learning experiences that change the way people think and act as leaders.

See below for a detailed description of each of our programs.

  • Confidence Building (Self awareness) = Know Thyself

    At Harvard University, Dr. Shalom Saar designed and implemented a popular workshop known as “Know Thyself”. The purpose of this workshop is to assist participants in developing their leadership qualities through the process of knowing themselves. It includes a variety of personality instruments including: personality type, thinking patterns, orientation to conflict, leadership style, emotional intelligence, and concludes with a 360 degree feedback known as “Signals”.

    The Center for Leadership Development, under Shalom Saar, has designed this four day workshop to help participants learn how to enhance their leadership capabilities.
    Please review the workshop outline, and if you are interested or know others who might benefit from participating in one of these workshops, please contact us and we will provide more in depth information.

    Topics included are:

    • The Meaning of Leadership
    • Understanding Personality Type
    • Building Leadership Agility
    • Leveraging Thinking Problems
    • Handling Conflict Constructively
    • Enhancing Emotional Skills
    • Integrating the Concepts and the Framework
    • Receiving Meaningful Feedback
  • At CLD, we know that great performance begins with effective thinking. But even the smartest people aren’t always the most effective or strategic thinkers. Too often, we get caught in our own “mind frames” — our preferred way of making decisions. In doing so, we often fail to see other possibilities or opportunities. CLD offers a unique process to help leaders assess their preferred mindframe, and understand and appreciate the diversity offered by other individuals and their mindframes. Leaders learn to leverage their thinking to assess challenges more strategically and comprehensively.

    And yet, thinking is not sufficient. Performance requires action — and action without alignment can yield chaos. CLD has a proven process for helping leaders create alignment within the leadership team and throughout the organization. Everyone aligned, everyone committed, everyone accountable for shared goals — that’s what moves organizations from good to great performance. That’s what creates enduring value not just for this quarter and next, but for decades to come.

  • The rapid changes in the market place indicate that the change is the only constant variable. Yet, change management remains the most challenging undertaking for organizations. As a result of working with enormous global organizations, we have developed highly effective change management program that propel organizations to transform their employees from change victims to change masters. This is highly hands on experience addressing both the orgizational change process as well as the individual dynamics of change. We equip participants with skills such as envisioning future, chartering road maps, taking charge and monitor progress that result in creating moments to embrace change.

  • In the area of organizational development, we believe that organizations are able to achieve greatness. In today’s fast paced environment, no one can do it alone. Only through strong teams can an organization meet and exceed its mission and goals. Through interviews, observations and interventions, CLD assists organizations to understand their historical, intellectual, and cultural issues. By understanding the landscape, they are able to assess and determine options and strategies that will improve their leadership position.

    We offer first class interventions in areas like:

    • Facilitating custom retreats
    • Conducting a climate survey
    • Assessing leadership competencies
    • Working with boards and senior management teams on charting the future
  • No organization can be successful unless it is gifted equipped with a strong sales force. Understanding customer needs, coming up with the right product and services, and be able to delight the clients are critical successful factors. Over the years, our research demonstrates that a strong sales force can contact the organization with the market place. Together with Louis Vuitton we have developed a high impact sales training. Its aim is to transform sales associates’ behavior from product selling to customer relations. We have structured a module approach embedding practices such as understanding consumer behavior, enhancing communication skills, adjusting to different personalities, and making the shopping experience a delightful one. We composed a variety of disciplines ranging from psychology to culture diversity to connect sales forces with clients. This program launched worldwide through internal facilitators. CLD is prepared to partner with you to design and implement a customized program for your sales force.

  • Recent research shows that social skills (EI) are far more important than brain power. Without emotional maturity, leaders can unintentionally destroy their organizations. We believe that taking organization for gold necessitate that it’s leader act wisely. Furthermore, research shows that lion share of organizational mistakes are executives by low emotional maturity. Therefore, we implemented a learning experience, which enables participants to analyze themselves, identify performance gaps that are consequences of low emotional intelligence. Since we know EI is not generically wired, it can be developed through learning of new behaviors and undoing old bad habits.

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